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Palearctic Ecoregion

Palearctic Ecoregion

Palearctic is one of the largest biogeographical realms across all the continents. As you can see from the image it encompass several continents notably large part of Arabs and the entire Russia (fashionably known as Siberian ecosystem). Ecologically speaking, the palearctic eco-regions comprise largest terrestrial biomes- for example boreal ecosystems of tiaga and desert biomes of Africa and Central Asia. Out of all the eight eco-regional and biogeographical zones, palearctic, although often less known to people, comprises Euro-Siberian part; the Mediterranean Basin; the Sahara and Arabian Deserts; Western and Central Asian countries, China and Japan.

Therefore Species Ecology has relatively large number of members from various subregional parts of palearctic. Due to its vast size both geographically and geopolitically, the cultural, social, religious and linguistic diversity are phenomenal in palearctic ecoregion and one of the aims of Species Ecology is to proportionately represent all the subregions both cross-cultural, social and linguistic dimensions. The diversity of these socio-ecological parameters has far reaching implications in conservation biology which in fact is pretty much a value-laden science drawing wider academic disciplines from social science and liberal arts.

Articles, discussion ideas and thoughts, essays, reports and other updates that are to do with this large ecozone will appear mainly under Palearctic Chapter of Species Ecology. Articles and essays that are directly relevant to the science of wildlife and conservation biology will also appear in the home page of the site. Readers are encouraged to browse both our home page and Palearctic Chapter in this remit.

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