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Chapters of ‘Species Ecology’ are defined by broad eco-geographical realms as oppose to ‘geo-politcal’ basis. The objective is to provide broader conceptual breadth of terrestrial and marine ecological units that comprise geo-politically defined continents across the globe. These ecological units collectively refer as biomes hence one of the main objectives is to characterize many different ecosystems that are found under broader rubric of terrestrial, marine and freshwater biomes encompassing different continents. For example, Indo Malaya bio-geographic realm comprises mangrove ecosystems, tropical and semi tropical deciduous and evergreen monsoonal forest, flooded grasslands and so on. Therefore, it is only imperative to define the chapters of ‘species Ecology’ based on ecologically valid concept of biome. Since ‘Species Ecology’ lends the principles and philosophies from conservation biology- the value laden interdisciplinary science of ecology- it is no wonder the cross cultural diversity is well assimilated within the chapters that include chapter heads. Every attempts have been made to ensure our chapters represent the cross section of the broader ecological units of biosphere-only habitable planet in our solar system. Clicking any of the chapters below will direct the audiences to its respective chapter where conceptually unified and ecological and cross-culturally valid information has been presented based on solid science of conservation biology. Readers are encouraged to leave necessary comments and feedback either directly from the site page or through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ You Tube and so on) in order to further enrich the site contents both from ecological and social dimensions across the hemispheres.

1. Palearctic 2. Nearctic 3. Indo-Malay 4. Neotropic 5. Oceania

6. Australasia 7. Antarctic 8. Afrotropic


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