July 29, 2019 : Global Tiger Day!

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July 29, 2019 by Species Ecology

Image Courtesy: Panthera, Tiger Forever Program, New York

Today, July 29, 2019 is Global Tiger Day. Tigers are in deep trouble. Their population has plummeted dramatically over the last hundred years and 96% of the tiger population has disappeared in last century. There are approximately 3500 tigers left in the wild and their future is far from secure footing, It is estimated that 100 tigers get killed every year and habitat fragmentation, habitat encroachment by humans, unbridled economic growth and agricultural expansion are driving tigers into its brink of extinction. In spite of all these heart-breaking news, dedicated wildlife scientists from across the globe are in a mission to revive tiger population and recently a breeding population size is discovered in Eastern part of the Thailand. This is an awesome news to share with small community of tiger conservationists across the globe, especially on Global Tiger Day!

Towards Tigers’ Secured Future!

Mohammed Ashraf

Wildlife Biologist

Dear Mohammed,

We want to THANK YOU for your generous donation and support for our tiger conservation initiatives this Global Tiger Day. Together, we can make a difference for tigers and all wild cats worldwide.

To celebrate Global Tiger Day 2019, we are sharing this CNN Worldwide Great Big Story about our work in the Dong Phayayen – Khoa Yai Forest Complex (DPKY) of Thailand, where we’re leading efforts to estimate tiger populations and create plans for their recovery.

While tiger numbers are declining across much of their range, stories like this one remind us that there is hope for the future of these big cats. The remarkable recovery of tigers in areas challenged by rampant poaching is a credit to the hard-working scientists and brave rangers fighting tirelessly to protect them, and supporters like you who make it all possible.

We thank you for being a wild cat ambassador,

John Goodrich
Chief Scientist, Panthera

P.S.: You’ve already done a great deed for tigers. Would you take a minute to share this email with a friend so we can reach our $40,000 goal by midnight tonight?

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