Towards Improving Visitors Satisfaction in Udzungwa Mountains National Park: Challenges and Opportunities

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March 13, 2017 by Species Ecology

Towards Improving Visitors Satisfaction in Udzungwa Mountains National Park: Challenges and Opportunities

Mohamed Kambi

Visitor’s satisfaction, interest, and perceptions on facilities and services around attraction sites: more precisely in the national parks are important in shaping and informing booming tourism industries in East Africa. This brief note is attempted to expound ways to perk up tourists satisfaction of the services and facilities offered by Udzungwa Mountain National Park (UMNP) in Tanzania.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park or acronym as UMNP: the protected area that encompasses unique groups of mammal (especially primates), plants and invertebrates. More than 1,000 endemic (native) plant species are found in this park to fortify it as a biodiversity hotspot (areas that have high level of species endemism and diversity). Not only biotic component make the park to be unique and fragile, but also the breathtaking landscape turn the forested park to be the second highest avifaunal diversity in Africa after Ituri forest in Congo. All of these features are best attractions for tourists visiting the park, as it makes the surrounding to be regarded as high in tranquillity.

Despite the fact that the park exhibits an immense number of attractions such as Sanje water falls (the largest waterfall in the park), nature trails for walking safari to see a group of habituated mangabey, forest elephants, several groups of endemic Iringa Red Colobus Monkey, as well as grey-faced-sengi (endemic) yet the infrastructure are really poor to better attract healthy number of tourists to visit the park. Compounding to that, poor sanitation and road networks are huge challenges that the park has to face.

Addressing this, the park should improve its infrastructure (such as road networks (and nature trails), as well as sanitation in both public and private campsites: moreover, to polish up marketing strategy principally on provision of information that will be adequate and convenient to a good number of people across the globe. These information should well be coordinated with service providers to better offer quality services to visitors. Further, the information materials such as flyers, brochure and banners should be printed in several languages to facilitate easy communication to non-English travellers visiting the park. If these simple but powerful measures are taken and rightly implemented, it is expected that the number of tourists would double enabling the revenue of the park reaching to healthy sum for better management in the long run.


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